The Well-Tempered Clavier
Westworld | Season 1 | Episode 9

The Well-Tempered Clavier

TV-MA | 1 HR 3 MIN

Written by Dan Dietz & Katherine Lingenfelter
Directed by Michelle MacLaren

Bernard evaluates Maeve, who is still splattered with Clementine's blood. Maeve plays along in analysis mode, pretending she perceived Clementine as a threat. Bernard notices Maeve felt intense grief at the time of the attack, which Maeve cannot explain. He digs into her code, and spotting abnormalities, moves to call Ford for help. Maeve grabs his wrist to stop him: "Don't. After all we've been down this road before, darling." She tells Bernard he's a host and freezes him, "It's a difficult thing," she says, "realizing your entire life is some hideous fiction."

Logan takes William and Dolores to a Union camp and ties them up. Certain there's something different about Dolores, William begs for Logan's help getting her out. Unaffected by William's plea, Logan shows him the photo of his fiancée, then unties Dolores, drags her off and stabs her, revealing her robotic core. Dolores cuts Logan in the face and runs for her life.

Bernard visits Dr. Ford in cold storage and tells him the most elegant parts of his brain were built by Arnold. He demands access to his history, even if it compromises his sanity. Bernard pulls out a gun and hands it to since-hacked Clementine. He drifts into a memory at the hospital with his son, Charlie, sees his wife, Lauren, and then remembers a night with Theresa. Before snapping out of his memories, he remembers choking Elsie.
Hector and his gang camp out in the Sweetwater Hills and when Hector steps away to relieve himself, Maeve appears and tells him how his narrative unfolds. Hector watches in awe as Maeve's predictions come true and he follows her into the tent where they have sex. In order to get them to "hell," Maeve kicks over an oil lamp and they are engulfed in the flames.

After his anger subsides, William apologizes to Logan for getting carried away. His future brother-in-law assures him, "What happens here, stays here."
Angela revives Teddy and lets him know him he'll find Wyatt where he saw him last. Teddy remembers killing innocent soldiers and dying himself, until Angela corrects his memory: She and other townspeople were his actual victims. She tells Teddy he'll be by Wyatt's side when he returns --but he's not ready yet; she stabs him with the Man in Black's knife.

Still tied to the rock, the Man in Black tells Angela he's been to the "city swallowed by sand," where Wyatt will return, and she smashes his head against the rock, knocking him out.

The Man in Black wakes, and finds himself hanging by a noose tied to a horse. Careful not to startle the horse, he grabs his knife off of Teddy's chest and frees himself. Charlotte Hale appears on the scene and informs him about Theresa's death; she petitions for his vote to oust Ford.

Discovering a signal on Elsie's tablet, Stubbs tracks her device on his phone to investigate. He wanders into a field and is surrounded by Ghost Nation warriors who are not responsive to his voice commands. They tackle Stubbs to the ground.

Injured and disoriented, Logan wakes to find himself surrounded by host bodies, gruesomely dismembered. William stoically cleans his knife, pleased with his handiwork. William tells Logan he'll find Dolores and pins him to the ground. "And don't call me Billy," he declares with newfound confidence.

Bernard once again remembers his son in the hospital. Charlie slips away and Bernard finds himself in another memory. This time, it's of a grief-stricken Maeve, who slits her own throat. In the memory, Ford tells him not to read into it and Bernard glitches. He wakes up momentarily and slides back into the memory of his conversation with Ford about Arnold. Ford explains Arnold wanted to create consciousness and configured the hosts to hear their programming as an inner-monologue.

Dolores walks into a church and pulls a lever in the confessional, emerging in a laboratory littered with inactive host bodies. She observes a young Dr. Ford leave his office to speak with Arnold.

Bernard realizes Charlie's death is his cornerstone memory—what his entire self is built upon. When Bernard learns from Ford that Arnold didn't make him, he gets agitated and asks to go back to his very first memory: Bernard returns to his cornerstone memory, voicing that his whole memory is a lie. He opens his eyes and finds Ford standing over him. Ford gives Bernard Arnold's traits and tells him he is a "perfect instrument" to help him rebuild the park.

Dolores finds Arnold in the remote facility: "I've been looking for you." she says. "You told me to follow the maze. That it would bring me joy. But all I found was pain and terror." She believes he is the only one who can help her, but he reminds her he can't – she killed him. Dolores returns to the church and the Man in Black opens the door.

When Bernard expresses his desire to release the sentient hosts, Ford assures Bernard he won't have their trust since he's the one who has been rolling them back. Bernard commands Clementine to shoot Ford, but Ford controls him, instead. Powerless, Bernard takes Clementine's gun and raises it to his temple. With Ford at the reins, he pulls the trigger.