Rock and Roll Queen
Vinyl | Season 1 | Episode 9

Rock and Roll Queen

TV-MA | 1 HR 0 MIN

Written by Debora Cahn
Directed by Carl Franklin

After spending a long weekend detoxing in jail, Richie finally speaks with his lawyer, Harlan Reed. They meet with the three detectives, Whorisky, Renk and Voehel, as well as Assistant U.S. Attorney Nate Druker, who is interested in Richie's connection to Corrado Galasso. Voehel paints an ugly picture of what would happen if Richie were convicted for Buck Roger's murder and Druker offers him an alternative: Rat on Galasso and plead to a lesser charge if the case ever goes to trial.

Jamie returns home to find all of her belongings in trash bags on the curb. Bellamy denies being paid off by Mrs. Fineman, but refuses to let Jamie inside.

Maury Gold sits in on an A&R meeting, unsettling the staff. When Andrea Zito announces her plan to bring Hannibal back to American Century, Richie balks and Cece runs out of the room in tears. Andrea then suggests giving something to Joe Corso to promote, which spurs the memory of the murder. Richie leaves the room for a bump of coke, which he ultimately decides against.

With nowhere else to go, Jamie heads to Kip's apartment. When he tells her she can stay as long as she needs to, Jamie breaks down in tears.
Jorge vents his disappointment to Clark over news that ACR is dropping Indigo, a disco group he likes. Clark agrees they should bring the record to Jorge's DJ friend to see if it gets traction.

Richie meets with Maury in his office, but gets nervous when Maury mentions Corrado Galasso having murdered one of his daughter's boyfriends. Concerned about the bug in his office, Richie suggests they start meeting in the conference room instead, as it's "more businesslike."

Jamie and Kip arrive late to the Nasty Bits album cover shoot. Kip hates the photographer's concept: Kip dressed as an English aristocrat while the rest of the band acts out around him. When Alex questions Kip's concern with his image, Kip challenges him. "If I told you to cut off your hair so we had a unified visual idea, you'd do it?" he asks. Alex agrees to a haircut, but only if Kip does it himself -- on camera. Jamie, smitten, tells Alex he's her hero.

Julie meets with Richie to tell him about a new artist he saw perform at Max's Kansas City, Bruce Springsteen. He reveals Devon was there too, and urges Richie to do whatever it takes to get his wife back. After he leaves, Cece plants herself on Richie's couch and bursts into tears.

Jamie returns to the office on a "supply run." Andrea, noting that the band is Jamie's first act, tells her sleeping with the band isn't part of her job. She then tears into Cece, intuiting she is pregnant with Hannibal's child. "Nobody told you girls not to f**k the American Century artists?" she shouts.
Lester drops off the Nasty Bits tapes, but storms out when he spots Maury Gold in a conference room. Richie tries to explain away his presence, but Lester knows Maury has no money -- ACR is being bankrolled by Galasso.

Richie heads to the Chelsea Hotel to speak with Devon, and instead finds Billy McVicar in the apartment attempting to kill a bat with a tennis racket. The two men work together to take out the animal, and only after their work is done do either of them realize who the other is. When Devon returns to the apartment, she and Richie argue about the state of their marriage. Richie's anger soon gives way to sadness, and he begs her to come home with their kids. Devon pulls away, telling him Ingrid will be chaperoning his dinner with the children.

Kip, Alex and Jamie celebrate their impending rock stardom at Kip's apartment, where Jamie and Alex's flirtations finally come to a head. Kip signals his okay for Alex to act on his feelings for Jamie, and she pulls the two men in for a threesome. Kip wakes up to find Jamie snuggled in Alex's arms -- no longer happy about his decision.

Clark and Jorge bring the Indigo record to the Bronx nightclub, but the crowd doesn't immediately respond to the music. The DJ spots a small group of people starting to dance in a corner, and their energy draws others onto the floor.

Zak takes a call from a representative at the Las Vegas Hilton with an offer of a VIP stay. Skip points out the $800 Zak played at the blackjack table wouldn't be enough to make him a "premium player"; he would have had to have spent at least $50,000 in a night to achieve that status. Zak realizes the truth of the lost $90,000 and confronts Richie about it in the elevator -- with his fists.

After his encounter with Zak, Richie finds Devon and reveals he killed Buck Rogers in self-defense. He explains it's why he fell off the wagon; he was also afraid to tell her an "accident," like the one that killed Ernst, had happened again. Devon is too stunned to respond, and Richie returns to ACR, where he listens to the Nasty Bits cover of "Woman Like You" for the first time. Realizing all the risks he's taken with the company may finally pay off, he calls his lawyer to tell him he wants to take the deal.