Greenland Is Melting and Bonded Labor

Greenland recorded its highest temperatures ever in 2013. Nothing to worry about some say; even though the equivalent of three Chesapeake Bays worth of water is melted off the island every year, it will be 4,000 years before the ice sheet melts, raises sea levels, and plunges the rest of the world into chaos. But, there is a chance this Arctic Doom will come in decades, not four millennia. VICE embarks on an expedition to Greenland with climate scientist Jason Box to investigate how newly discovered waterfalls pouring down on the ice sheet could be a catalyst for doom.

Almost every building in Pakistan is made of brick, and many of those bricks are made with slave labor. They're made in kilns by men, women and children - all bonded in labor, but most people in Pakistan know nothing of the atrocities committed in order to produce these bricks. Kiln owners are left unchallenged in Pakistan: They have a heavy hand in political patronage, they hold serious economic power and they have control over state agencies. VICE interviews Ghulam Fatima, a leader of the Bonded Labor Liberation Front (BLLF), and joins her in her attempt to rescue a family from bonded slavery.


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