Shawna Thomas

Shawna Thomas is the Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief for VICE News. In this role she manages Vice News' politics and D.C.-based policy coverage, appears on HBO's VICE News Tonight, and assists with

Before taking on the challenge of opening VICE News' D.C. Bureau, she served as the senior producer and senior digital editor of NBC News’ Meet the Press (MTP). Her role there was two-fold: directing the show’s digital and social profile and managing the day-to-day assignments for the broadcast itself. She has also been a bridge between the digital and television sides of NBC News, helping to coordinate digital's presence at big television events like debates and conventions, all while helping produce television at such events.

With one Emmy win and multiple nominations, Shawna contributed to the broadcasts of NBC News for a decade. Prior to joining Meet the Press, she covered the White House, Capitol Hill, helped plan NBC's Decision 2008 coverage and reported on the detainee trials in Guantanamo Bay. A Beyoncé enthusiast and karaoke star, Shawna attended The George Washington University for political communication and earned her Master’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Southern California.