Roberto Ferdman

Roberto Ferdman is a correspondent for VICE News Tonight, the Emmy award-winning nightly newscast from VICE Media and HBO, covering economics and the impact of local and national policies. Since joining VICE News, Ferdman has extensively covered the ongoing plight of Puerto Ricans trying to rebuild their lives following Hurricane María as well as America’s school funding crisis, California’s housing crisis, the Wells Fargo fraud scandal, and the relief efforts in Barbuda and Texas in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. He’s also reported on the impacts of changing immigration policies, including stories in the U.S., Mexico and Honduras, and the persistence of poverty in the world’s most developed country.

Prior to joining VICE News Tonight, Roberto wrote for The Washington Post, where he focused on food, economics and culture. Ferdman graduated from Brown University in 2010 and grew up in Puerto Rico.