Isobel Yeung

Isobel Yeung is an award-winning correspondent working across VICE News Tonight, the Emmy award-winning half-hour nightly newscast, and the multi-award-winning VICE on HBO documentary series. She joined VICE in 2014 after working in China for four years, where she reported and developed shows for several Asian and U.K. TV channels, and wrote for notable international publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent and South China Morning Post.

At VICE News Tonight, Yeung was the first foreign correspondent to embed with coastguards in Libya?s migrant smuggling epicenter and meet the migrants caught up in the system. Yeung has covered a wide range of global stories at VICE, including recent coverage of the aftermath in a fragile Philippine community where ISIS laid siege, the crippling state of Assad-controlled Syria, and the Islamic State?s impact on Iraq?s youth. Yeung has been nominated for an Emmy award and has won a Gracie and Front Page award for elevating Afghan women?s rights struggles that fell out of the headlines.