Isobel Yeung

Isobel Yeung is an award-winning correspondent working across VICE News Tonight, the Emmy award-winning half-hour nightly newscast, and the multi-award-winning VICE on HBO documentary series. She joined VICE News in 2014 after working in Asia for four years, where she reported and developed shows for several international channels and wrote for notable publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent.

Yeung has reported from almost every corner of the globe. Some of her recent stories include embedding on the frontlines of the conflict in Yemen, bringing light to the inner workings of Assad-controlled Syria, and finding her way to the heart of Libya's migrant smuggling epicenter. In 2018, she has also worked hard to break through some of the most polarizing issues impacting the United States, including bringing nuance and depth to the polarizing #MeToo movement with a considered documentary on the topic of sexual consent.

Yeung has been nominated for two Emmys and won two Front Page awards and a Gracie award for dedication to her work.