Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is a correspondent and senior producer for the multi-award-winning VICE on HBO series and is based in Brooklyn. One of the most iconic faces of the series, Ben regularly reports from conflict zones around the world, producing and hosting groundbreaking segments covering the wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as drug smuggling in Africa and Latin America, migrant labor in the United Arab Emirates, and much more.

He is the only journalist to have filmed undercover with the pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain, as they were tear gassed, shot, beaten and imprisoned during the Arab Spring. Ben also has covered numerous environmental issues, including the dire state of the world’s corals, permafrost and leaking methane, and pioneering new geoengineering projects. He was also Executive Producer for Under the Wire, the feature-length documentary about Marie Colvin’s death in Syria. In late 2018, confronting the cost to himself of conflict reporting for so long, he made a film about pioneering new treatments for veterans with PTSD, suing MDMA. Ben went through the treatment himself and was filmed undergoing the MDMA assisted therapy.

Anderson began his career as an undercover reporter; producing exposés on topics as varied as funeral home abuses, the abuse of the mentally ill, and civil war in Burma. He has presented numerous films and series for the BBC. Highlights include Holidays in the Axis of Evil (documenting secret travels through six countries blacklisted by the U.S. State Department), Taking on the Taliban (following a unit of British soldiers on the front lines in Afghanistan), The Violent Coast (exploring the conflicts along the west coast of Africa), Frontline Football (chronicling four teams from war-torn nations as they try and qualify for the World Cup), and Slumdogs and Millionaires (exposing slave labor in Dubai).

Anderson has produced, filmed, and directed many hard-hitting feature-length documentaries for HBO, including The Battle for Marjah, which won a History Makers Award, a Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Award, and was a finalist for three Emmys. Ben’s documentary, This is What Winning Looks Like, also won the Prix Bayeux Award, the Frontline Club Award, and was a finalist for the Rory Peck Award. His VICE on HBO special, “Fighting ISIS,” won an Emmy in 2016. Anderson has also won Foreign Press and Rory Peck awards and was twice shortlisted for the Royal Television Society Young Journalist of the Year honor and Prix Europa prizes. In addition to writing articles for The New York Times, The Guardian, Esquire, The London Review of Books, and GQ, Anderson's book about his experiences in the war-torn southern provinces of Afghanistan, No Worse Enemy, was published in March 2012, to critical acclaim. His e-book, The Interpreters, was published in 2015.