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7 Fun Facts to Prepare for Graduation Day

The series finale of Vice Principals is only one episode away, and it has been a whirlwind of a year ? and season ? for Neal Gamby and Lee Russell. If you can?t believe the school year is coming to a close, worry not! There?s still plenty of time to study up for #FinalsWeek and relive all the series? pitfalls, insults and rivalries before the big graduation day finale. Here are some Vice Principals facts to guide your binge session.

Fact #1 Neal Gamby?s ?uniform? of sweater-vest and perfectly in place hair quiff was inspired by football legend Mike Ditka.

Fact #2 Georgia King, who plays Ms. Snodgrass, is from England, but she spoke in her American accent even when the camera?s weren?t rolling.

Fact #3 Composer Joey Stephens used real marching bands to score the series.

Fact #4 Creators Danny McBride and Jody Hill were influenced by Martin Scorsese, David O. Russell and John Hughes.

Fact #5 Walton Goggins frosted his tips for the role of Lee Russell ? even though he was told it wasn?t necessary.

Fact #6 Gale?s wardrobe contains pieces from an unlikely source ? from her daughter Janelle?s closet.

Fact #7 Bill Murray only had one note for his appearance in the show. Curious what it was? Check out Dope Doodles With the Cast and Creators for a whole new way to experience cast commentary and the pilot episode. After all, it?s #FinalsWeek, so throw on your graduation goggles and look back lovingly at where it all began.