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Anna Camp Had 'No Idea' She Was Villain Material

  • Did killing Suzuki prime Sarah for her showdown with the vamps?

  • Definitely. In the most twisted way, it gave her the strength to climb those stairs. Being able to kill Suzuki is just another sign from God that she's on the right path.

  • She really believes she's doing God's work?

  • It's an honest, true thing that she feels. And every little thing that happens is just another sign propelling her to move forward. She's dead set on the fact that God is telling her to do these things.

  • Why open the ceiling instead of just running away? She only narrowly escaped death by hiding under that pile of body parts.

  • It's a combination of a need to finish what she started and that she's crazy enough to keep going. Anyone smart person would think, "What have I done? I have to get out of here." Before, she had no idea that she was capable of murder. I wouldn't know what it feels like after you've killed someone, thank God, but I imagine that your sense of reality is warped. Sarah's reality has never been the reality that everyone else lives in. But I think after committing murder, that's more than tipped the scales.

  • Why does she hate vampires so much?

  • She had a sister who got addicted to V and vanished. Sarah found hope with the Fellowship of the Sun and Steve Newlin. She's a woman who's easily swayed and who wants to feel a part of something; she's black and white. And now that her husband is a gay vampire - and being vampire is far worse in her mind - she's completely humiliated and embarrassed. Eradicating vampires is her way of taking back control of her life. It's an extreme way, but that's her way.

  • You certainly wouldn't want her on your bad side.

  • After last Sunday's episode, I'm afraid everyone will be scared of me now. Even my mom was a little freaked out by it.

  • What does Sarah think about Steve's last words?

  • She definitely thinks he's about to say he loves her. The guilt is mounting and she's starting to have her doubts, but then he pulls out "Jason Stackhouse." She can't even process it.

  • Is she surprised that Jason lets her go?

  • Very. She knows what she's done - I don't know if anyone ever deserves to die, but she's certainly been asking for it. But again, to her it's just another sign from God that she's doing the right thing. It's just more fuel to her fire: "I am right. I am God's tool. He's speaking through me." It's another notch in her belt of craziness.

  • Where do you think she'll go? Where would Sarah Newlin hide out?

  • She's underground somewhere, plotting. I see her turning into a weird zombie of a woman. I think being sent away will make her more powerful in a sense. She'll shut down and become a robot for God.

  • A woman scorned?

  • Poor Sarah. She's going to wind up in the loony bin.

  • What was it like to play the big villain this season?

  • I had no idea at first. Each script I got was a bigger and bigger surprise. Sarah always wanted to be the brains behind everything; the woman behind the man. She takes over so unexpectedly, and I don't know if she was qualified. She thinks she's cool under pressure, but I don't think she was prepared to get all that power. She wanted to be Truman's wife, have a family with him and get into politics and write more books...I don't know if she was ready to walk down the halls of vamp camp.

  • What if things had gone the other way, and Sarah wound up getting turned vampire like Steve?

  • Getting turned vampire would be the cruelest punishment for her - it's everything she abhors. I believe if she were turned, she'd commit suicide. She'd crawl to the top of a church and have the whole town there or something. And while she's frying, scream, "Death to all vampires!" Getting turned and living forever would mean that they won. Taking that away from them, even if it meant killing herself, would be a win for the humans.


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