tracey ullmans show s3tracey ullmans show s3

Tracey Ullman's Show: Season 3

Tracey Ullman's Comedy Is All in the Teeth

Never one to shy away from a good costume, the master of impersonation reveals the secret to embodying characters is a good set of teeth (literally), and a proverbial walk in their shoes.

Meet the Characters

From likes to dislikes to general quirks, the comedian gives a rundown on some of her iconic characters' peculiarities.

Angela Merkel works on her poker face, Theresa May struggles to have a tough conversation and French First Lady Brigitte Macron remembers the good old days.

Tracey Ullman's Show Episode 301 (13)

Angela Merkel tries to stay strong in a meeting; Dame Judi Dench passes the baton to a new national treasure; and Tracey Ullman confronts a troll.

tracey ullman's show

The Murdoch clan celebrates Father's Day; Angela Merkel worries about the pay gap; Hollywood studio execs discuss sexual harassment; Theresa May struggles to stay focused.

tracey ullman's show

Dame Judi Dench visits a tattoo-themed reality show; the Melania Bot malfunctions; and a professor discovers the truth about student debt.

Tracey Ullman's Show Season 3 Episode 4 (16)

Theresa May gets a surprise visit; the Duchess of Cornwall shops for a baby gift; and Angela Merkel wonders how best to reconnect with the German people.

Tracey Ullman's Show Season 3 Episode 5 (17)

Angela Merkel chats with President Trump; Theresa May preps for Halloween; and pollsters turn to new techniques in tricky times.

Tracey Ullman's Show Season 3 Episode 6 (18)

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