In a series of sketches, Tracey Ullman plays a wide array of everyday people and famous faces, from Dame Judi Dench to Angela Merkel to a next-door-neighbor near you.

She's Got A Lot of Personalities

Enter the hilarious world of Tracey Ullman's imagination, filled to the brim with characters who all share one thing in common ? Tracey.

?Tracey Ullman is an international treasure.?

? Vogue

Meet the Characters

From likes to dislikes to general quirks, the comedian gives a rundown on some of her iconic characters' peculiarities.

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Get to Know Tracey Ullman

With a career dating back to 1987 in the U.S., there are few things we can't credit her with.

Getting Into Character

Costume, makeup, accent ?? action. Tracey Ullman talks creative process and the joy of dressing up.

?Ullman brings these characters to life so vividly, there are times when ? forgive the clich� ? she almost literally disappears.?

? Los Angeles Times

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