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Everything to Know From The Third Day’s Live Stream Event

by Cande Duran

“Autumn,” a live theatrical event featuring Jude Law and other The Third Day cast members, shows viewers what happened between the show’s two parts, “Summer” and “Winter.”

On Saturday October 3, HBO, Sky, and international theater company Punchdrunk (Sleep No More) bridged the story between Episodes 3 and 4 of The Third Day with a 12-hour live stream event called “Autumn.” Didn’t catch the live event? Here is everything you need to know.

Welcome to Osea

For those who have been watching, you’ve already seen part one of The Third Day, “Summer” which follows Londoner Sam (Jude Law) as he discovers a strange connection to the mysterious British island of Osea. Coming up next will be part two, “Winter,” which tells the story of single mother Helen (Naomie Harris) who comes to the same island looking for answers.

“Autumn” takes place in between these two parts to show Esus and the Sea, a religious festival which marks the passing into adulthood of the children of the island. This year, however, is different; Osea needs a new leader and Sam, the prospective “Father,” must undergo the trial. Unlike “Summer” and “Winter,” “Autumn” is not a television episode, but an event live-streamed from the actual Osea island. Done in one continuous take, the performance takes viewers through a full 12 hours of this significant day on the island.

The Festival

Salt and Soil

On its surface, the festival seems like a reenactment of Christ’s arrest and crucifixion, but this is Osea, where traditions look familiar from afar and are strange up close. Two groups of island men, the “salt” disciples and the “soil” disciples, forcefully appoint an “Esus,” the term for their messiah figure. Sam is chosen by the salt disciples, and 16-year-old Osea boy Johnny (George Jaques) is chosen by soil.

Stations of the Cross

A last supper scenario unfolds, after which viewers follow Sam through different stations of the cross, a series of emotionally intense and physically brutal experiences. At the end of their tribulations, Sam and Johnny are buried in graves they dug for themselves.

The Father of Osea

Meanwhile, the people of Osea feast. Continuing their festival traditions, they write wishes for the year ahead on slips of paper, a ritual done with the trust that the Father will take responsibility for these hopes and dreams. When Sam returns, he is recognized as the Father, leader of the Osea people, but balance on the island has been thrown off. Distracted by a reunion with his lost son, Nathan, Sam neglects the islanders’ wishes, and lets their paper slips catch fire. The flames spread across the whole island.

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New Faces

The live stream event introduces several new faces and characters, including Johnny, the soil Esus, and Vadoma (Ria Zmitrowicz), a woman who preaches to the islanders with mixed reception. Her most notable scene, however, involves a family photo revealing her father to be Goltan, the man who kidnapped and allegedly murdered Sam’s son, Nathan.

In a nod to the show’s opening song, Florence Welch of musical act Florence and the Machine also joins the cast of “Autumn,” as Veronica. Her vocal talents are utilized as she leads an original call-and-response song at each station of the cross, the music a strange mix of traditional Essex folk song and Christian hymn.

What Lies Ahead

Some familiar characters also made appearances. After a tense phone conversation with her husband, an upset Jess (Katherine Waterston) turns to Jason (Mark Lewis Jones) for consolation. Larry (John Dagleish) was also seen looking angry and unhappy during the festival, to the point that he even tries to stop the ritual.

With all the big changes and big emotions brought about in “Autumn,” it is clear that Osea will not be the same in “Winter.”

Stream episodes of The Third Day on HBO and HBO Max and check out highlights from Part 1 and Part 2 of the live theatrical event below.

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Watch The Third Day: Autumn

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