The SopranosThe Sopranos

S1 Ep 7: Down Neck

Written by Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess
Directed by Lorraine Senna

Anthony Jr. is proving to be a regular chip off the old block, and Tony's not sure he likes it. He especially doesn't like that he and Carmela are called to the Verbum Dei principal's office because A.J. and his posse stole some sacramental wine and showed up drunk for gym class.

But it's nothing to get worked up about, right? Madonn', boys will be boys. Unfortunately the school psychologist thinks Anthony Jr. may have Attention Deficit Disorder, and it means Special Ed if he does.

Anthony Jr.'s problems get Tony thinking about his own boyhood, when he lived with his parents and two sisters, played catch with Uncle Junior...and found out his dad was in the mob. Tony's cheerful childhood memories include his dad and Uncle Junior beating up the guy who lived across the street and his mother threatening to put a fork in his eye. He tells all this to Dr. Melfi, who assures him that biology isn't destiny and Anthony Jr. isn't doomed to live the wiseguy lifestyle of his father and grandfather. But Tony's not so sure.

Meanwhile, as part of his punishment, Anthony Jr. can't watch TV or play Nintendo, and has to visit Livia at Green Grove every day for three weeks. On one of his visits he tells his grandmother that he's seeing the school therapist, and she acts as if it's the worst news he could bring her...

...until he tells her that Tony is seeing a psychiatrist, too.