The Shop: Season 3, Episode 2

Former President Barack Obama joins LeBron James and Maverick Carter to discuss the NBA bubble, racial justice movement, 2020 election, and more in this special episode.

Shop Talk

the shop 302 segment obama ep 3
Lebron Calls Obama

LeBron James discusses the guidance former President Barack Obama gave him when the Los Angeles Lakers -- and the rest of the NBA -- were considering leaving the NBA bubble to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Ear Piece

LeBron James, Maverick Carter, and former President Barack Obama joke about the size of their ears.

History of Injustice

Former President Barack Obama talks about the history, legacy, and impact of slavery and Jim Crow in America.

the shop 302 segment obama ep 3
Love Over Hate

LeBron James reflects on the additional changes he'd like to see in the United States and the example he'd like to set for future generations.

Channel Your Anger

President Barack Obama talks about using anger to bring about change.