LeBron and Mav welcome music icons Travis Scott and Pharrell Williams alongside Seth Rogen, Jimmy Iovine, Lonzo Ball, Don Cheadle, DeAndre Hopkins and Paul Rivera.

Shop Talk

The Shop Season 2 HBO Series
The Sharing Generation

Pharrell and Travis Scott celebrate the innovators topping the charts.

The Shop Season 2 HBO Series
Magic Leaves the Lakers

After Magic Johnson's stunning departure, LeBron and Lonzo Ball discuss what’s next.

The Shop Season 2 HBO Series
Pharrell’s Fountain of Youth

Good skin starts with a daily cold water wash.

The Shop Season 2 HBO Series
LeBron Is Ready for Zion

The King gives his take on the presumptive number-one pick from Duke.

The Shop Season 2 HBO Series
Deandre Hopkins Knows He’s the Best

The Houston Texans receiver wants his confidence to rub off on young fans watching his game.


Bonus clips from The Shop

The Shop Season 2 HBO Series
How LeBron Picks His Playlist

The King gives everything a listen, but only a few make the cut.

The Shop Season 2 HBO Series
LeBron Breaks His Box

Despite a challenging year, LeBron is determined to be more than an athlete.

The Shop Season 2 HBO Series
Defend the Next Gen

LeBron and the crew share their love for the future generations following in their footsteps.


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