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Get to Know the Works of Richard Price

Loving the adaptation of Stephen King’s best-selling novel, The Outsider? Here are three other series for you to dive into.


Stephen King’s best-selling novel The Outsider was re-envisioned for the screen by Richard Price — no stranger to bringing gritty and gripping dramas to life. And while the show seems like a classic cop investigation, its characters soon realize something more supernatural might be at play, taking the story deep into the unexpected.,

While subtle, Price’s writing is rich in content and character development, lending an authenticity to the world even when it verges on the fantastical, as is the case of The Outsider. Price’s TV work might not be the easiest of binges, but are always worth the watch. Here are some other Price/HBO collaborations you may enjoy.

Richard Price Article The Outsider

“Take the deal.” — John Stone

The Night Of

1 Season | 8 Episodes

Price served as a co-creator (alongside Steve Zaillian) and writer on this limited series about a young man (Riz Ahmed) who finds himself in a stunning case of “wrong place, wrong time” when he’s arrested for murder. John Turturro stars, alongside Ahmed, as a New York lawyer with issues of his own, and both actors were nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor Emmys®— with Ahmed taking home the win. An intense but beautiful story about the criminal justice system, this show is a quick watch, but not one you’re likely to soon forget.

Richard Price Article The Outsider

“If the man comin’, make ready for the man.” — Stringer Bell

The Wire

5 Seasons | 60 Episodes

Created by David Simon, this critically-acclaimed series follows the stories of a variety of characters and personalities in the drug-ridden streets of West Baltimore, with each season taking you inside a new part of the system. Cops, drug-dealers, good guys, bad, the lines between them grow thinner and blurrier as they all grow and live in the same community. Price contributed as story/teleplay writer for five scripts, Season 3’s “All Due Respect” and “Moral Midgetry,” Season 4’s “Home Rooms” and “Corner Boys” and Season 5’s “Took.” If you haven’t checked it off your list, now’s the time!

Richard Price Article The Outsider

“He missed the whole point, which is that in this, the hero is the f**king heroine.” — Candy

The Deuce

3 Seasons | 25 Episodes

New York City in the 1970s and 80s was an experience all its own. In this stunning series starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Franco and a huge ensemble cast, creators David Simon and George Pelecanos track the rise of the pornography from streetside prostitution to a billion-dollar industry. Price wrote Season 1’s “Show and Prove” and “The Principle Is All,” Season 2’s “There’s an Art to This” and “All You’ll Be Eating Is Cannibals” and holds story credits for Season 1’s “What Kind of Bad?” and “Why Me?” Every episode is an emotional and honest look at a topic many might shy away from, but is worth a closer examination.

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