Written by Patrick Somerville & Carly Wray
Directed by Carl Franklin

Laurie Garvey sits in a therapy session with a patient seven years earlier. The patient tells Laurie about her difficulties getting pregnant before it finally happened. Tearing up, she recalls bringing her son, Sam, with her to the laundromat the day of the Departure. She placed the baby in the back of her car, when suddenly he was gone. Angry at Laurie’s silence, the woman notes two members of the Guilty Remnant are standing outside her office, and asks for advice. Laurie doesn’t have any for her.

At home, Laurie swallows several pills, and writes a goodbye note. Lying on the couch, she suddenly changes her mind, and she makes herself throw up. Afterwards, she removes her clothes, her wedding ring, and dresses entirely white. She joins the two G.R. members standing outside her house.

In the present, a black-eyed Laurie drives a van to Grace’s ranch and speaks with Kevin Garvey, Sr., who is holding a bag of shoes. Asking after Matt, he takes the leather-bound book Kevin set on fire from her. Senior tells Laurie they’ve asked Kevin to die again.

Senior recounts his story to John, Laurie and Michael, showing them the seesaw and the body of the wrong Kevin. He wants Kevin, Jr. to return to the land of the dead, find Christopher Sunday and learn the final song to stop the floods. Grace wants Kevin to ask her children a question, and John wants him to connect with Evie. They inform Laurie Kevin left to think it over. A police officer arrives to search the property.

Earlier, before receiving her black eye, Laurie sits in a tree and uses her phone to film Dr. Becker and Dr. Eden. A dog attacks her leg and she limps back to the van where Nora and Matt are waiting. Laurie watches the videos of the people who have used the device, and thinks it's an elegant way to commit suicide. Nora, a little hostile and looking for closure, asks what Laurie would tell John to say if she came in for a reading. Laurie reminds her they don’t do Departures.

Laurie loans Nora her cigarette lighter. When Nora is resistant to return it, Laurie lunges at her, and Nora accidentally hits her in the eye. The tussle is interrupted when the doctors leave the house. Following after them in the van, Nora tells Laurie a French Naval officer blew up a submarine because he was convinced a sea monster was going to eat them on the anniversary -- an idea he got from Revelations. Laurie’s phone rings: Michael is with Kevin at a ranch house, so get there as soon as she can.

The group at Grace’s waits while the officer looks around. Laurie tells John she can’t disclose where Nora is, but she's responsible for Laurie's black eye. They see Senior whack the officer over the head with a shovel. Rationalizing it won’t matter if they all drown tomorrow, Senior leaves to move the unconscious man away from the property.

Laurie sits with John near the frames of the large boat in Grace’s yard. They talk about Evie and what they’ve been doing for people in Miracle. All John wants is for Kevin to deliver a message to Evie: She was loved. He goes on to explain that the boat frame was built by a local tribe as a tombstone for one of Grace’s adopted children. Senior interpreted it as part of his flood story, and John isn’t ready to give up on the story. Laurie encourages him to see it through.

Cooking dinner, Grace mentions her children’s bodies were found without shoes. She wants Kevin to ask where they put them. The group eats, and Grace heads to bed early. Senior matches each dinner guest with an apostle, but Laurie believes she's more Judas than Doubting Thomas, prompting Michael to ask why Judas killed himself if he was so sure about everything? At that, Senior falls face first into his plate. Michael and John drop too. Laurie laced the soup with the dog’s arthritis medicine to knock everyone out.

Nora, Laurie and Matt arrive at the shoreline, where the device is being unloaded from a truck. Tearfully, Nora recounts a story from her childhood, and embraces Laurie goodbye. Matt decides to stay with Nora, and hands Laurie the leather-bound book for Senior. Nora asks that no one find out what she’s done. In lieu of money, Laurie takes Nora’s cigarettes, an exchange that establishes a doctor/patient confidentiality between them.

After dinner, Kevin returns to Grace’s house and finds Laurie on the front steps. He asks if Nora found what she was looking for. Laurie lights a cigarette with her lighter -- the one Jill gave her while she was in the G.R. With everyone else unconscious, the pair talk, confessing a variety of secrets and feelings. Kevin tells Laurie where he went the last time he died was real, and he isn’t scared. “Then I’m not scared either,” she responds. She says she can’t stay, and leaves the lighter with Kevin.

On a small boat, Laurie, dressed in a wet suit, prepares for a dive. Before getting into the water, she receives a call from Jill who asks about a movie she was obsessed with when she was 5; she’s thrilled when Laurie remembers the title. Jill and Tom -- laughing in the background -- tell her they love her and hang up. Laurie finishes pulling on her gear, and falls backwards into the water.