It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World

Written by Lila Byock & Damon Lindelof
Directed by Nicole Kassell

Four days before the seventh anniversary of the Sudden Departure, a French naval officer aboard a nuclear submarine in the Pacific takes a key from a safe, strips naked, and plays music over the PA system. The officer knocks the sub’s captain unconscious, and grabs a second key from around his neck. Amidst flashing emergency lights, the sailor tries to engage a missile launch panel. Turning both keys at once using one hand and one foot, he gains access to a controller. The officer says a prayer and pushes a red button.

Matt Jamison brings Arturo Cabrero’s family a casserole; a news story of a mushroom cloud explosion over the Pacific plays in the background. Matt tells Arturo he needs him to fly a cargo plane -- originally chartered to bring donations to El Salvador, and thus exempt from the plane grounding -- to Melbourne. The stunned pilot is reluctant to leave his ill mother, so Matt offers $20,000 to help with her care. He promises they will return to Miracle before October 14, but they need to bring a man home first. Swayed by the “rescue mission,” Arturo agrees.

At the Austin airstrip, John and Michael wait for Matt’s arrival. The reverend is not thrilled to see Laurie with them. Angry about the book, Laurie insists she will be getting on the plane. John, playing peacekeeper, convinces Matt they all want the same thing: Kevin home safe. During the flight, Laurie and Matt continue to argue, and it becomes clear she is withholding details about Kevin’s delusions in Australia.

Matt stays up reading while everyone else sleeps. He suddenly gets a nosebleed, but assures a now-awake Michael it’s his allergies. Michael suggests asking Kevin what he wants to do. Arturo wakes everyone by shouting he cannot land in Melbourne, but will put down in Tasmania.

The group tries to buy tickets for a ferry to Melbourne, but it requires negotiating with a private party that has booked the boat. Laurie notices a caged, full-grown lion being loaded onto the ship. Ginger, the woman checking in the group -- aka the “Pride” -- warns them this isn’t a normal party boat, but Matt does what he must to get them on board. Ginger mentions a singular rule for the trip: “When midnight comes, let no man mention His name, lest that man become Him.” She gestures to a lion on her T-shirt and says, “Frasier.”

On the ferry, John says they need to accept they might be in Australia during the anniversary. The conversation escalates until Matt’s nose starts to bleed profusely, and he rushes to the bathroom. The first mate asks if “God” hit him but Matt heads back to the deck in confusion. He addresses a man -- the same man who once told “international assassin” Kevin to sing karaoke to get home -- and is given a card that states, “Yes, I am God.” The card answers questions about Adam’s rib, aliens, Abraham, and the like. Michael doesn’t understand why Matt is so bothered by the man, and suggests Matt tell Laurie he’s sick.

Laurie explains to Matt what she’s found out about the Pride; in the ‘70s a male lion, Fraiser, was brought to a zoo. Before Frasier’s arrival, the lionesses had completely refused to mate but every one bred with Frasier. The lion on board is supposedly one of Frasier’s descendants, and the Pride is taking him from zoo to zoo to spread his seed. Laurie surprises Matt by agreeing to play it his way with Kevin, but slips and mentions Kevin “saw” Evie. Before going inside, she begs Matt not to tell John and Michael. Matt violently vomits over the side of the boat. Looking around to check whether anyone saw, he sees “God” throw a man into the water. Matt grabs a life preserver and jumps over to save the passenger.

Pulled back on board, Matt insists Capt. Henig check the boat manifest to see who is missing. But there is no manifest given that the boat was reserved for the party. The captain identifies “God” as David Burton, a decathlete and celebrity sports announcer. He explains Burton died three years ago in a rocking climbing fall. His friend returned with help to carry the body, only to find Burton alive and well, claiming to be God. Henig is skeptical Burton threw someone overboard, and refuses to take any steps to investigate.

Matt tries to get Ginger to find her passenger list, and breaks the Pride’s rule about saying Frasier’s name aloud. Matt is quickly surrounded by women: A leather noose is draped over his neck, a funnel is removed from the between a paper mâché lioness’ legs, and a woman begins to unbelt Matt’s pants. Matt interrupts the ritual by yelling at everyone and running after Burton. “God” punches him, and Matt crumples to the floor. A young woman helps him up, and whispers to “stay on the boat until it’s safe.”

Back with his group, Matt wants help making Burton confess. Trying to inspire John’s wrath, Matt tells him Kevin “saw” Evie. Laurie explains it wasn’t real, and she withheld the truth to protect John. Her husband understands. Matt apologizes for saying anything and heads to the infirmary.

Matt grabs a wheelchair and an emergency fire axe. He cracks the wooden handle of the axe across Burton’s head, heaves him into the wheelchair, and binds him. In the carpark near the lion’s cage, Matt confronts the man who admits to throwing someone overboard, but refuses to go to the authorities. “God” takes responsibility for the Departure and claims He did it just because He could. Matt argues there has to be a reason for things but “God” tells him everything he’s done has been for himself. Worn down, Matt genuinely asks if that’s why God is killing him. He unties Burton who snaps and says, “Ta da, you’re saved.” He walks away, as the boat arrives in Melbourne.

Captain Henig finds Matt to say the police found a body in the water; Burton will be taken into custody. Henig asks if Matt has time to go to the station to answer some questions, assuming he doesn’t have any pressing business. On the upper deck, Matt tells Laurie and John he’s dying.

The Melbourne police arrive to arrest Burton, but he takes off. The lion, suddenly freed from his cage by the young woman and her friends, tears off after him. As the beast rips into Burton, the police shoot the animal. Matt turns and says, “That’s the guy I was telling you about.”