The Deuce Season 2 Episode 1 (09)The Deuce Season 2 Episode 1 (09)

Written by George Pelecanos & David Simon
Directed by Alex Hall

Times Square, 1977. After his early successes managing the Hi-Hat and French Parlor, Vincent is now proprietor of a new mob-backed disco, The 366, while his girlfriend Abby has brought the nascent punk-rock culture into the Hi-Hat. Vincent's twin brother Frankie remains a problem, "borrowing" money from Show Land, the sex emporium he manages, to pay off his debts.

Candy, now a "triple threat" as a porn actress, producer and director, is looking to make more artful, ambitious adult films, over the objections of her collaborator Harvey.

C.C. pulls a con on Bernie Wolf, director of a porn film starring Lori, to get her more money. Hoping to launch a more upscale gay nightclub, Paul looks to sever mob ties from his current bar.

Alston, now a homicide detective, is approached by Gene Goldman, a civil servant appointed by Mayor Koch to clean up Times Square.

Inside the Episode

With the five year time jump since the season finale of Season 1, Director Alex Hall explains the new dynamics in Season 2.

See What's Coming Up

Candy gets career advice, C.C. and Larry confront new realities, and Vincent takes Abby on a nostalgic road trip.Check out a preview of “There's an Art to This.”


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