My Name Is Ruby

Written by George Pelecanos & David Simon
Directed by Michelle MacLaren

Vincent balks at getting in deeper with Rudy, as expansion fever hits Frankie and Bobby. Candy gets a taste of directing, and enjoys the red-carpet perks of a major premiere. Alston finds himself in limbo at his precinct. Abby changes up the Hi-Hat's clientele; Sandra faces editorial and legal hurdles; Barbara and Thunderthighs connect with the wrong sort of clients; Vincent settles a score. C.C. encourages Ace, a onetime pimp, to get back in the game.

Pernell Walker Thinks We All Should Have a Little Thunder in Us

The actor behind the fan favorite reveals how she found out about Thunder’s fate, the care that went into crafting her personality and why we should all take a note from her character’s book.

Michelle MacLaren Feels Empowered by the Women of The Deuce

The executive producer and director of the pilot and finale episodes talks about bookending the Season 1, telling the story honestly and the scene that gave James Franco his swagger back.

James Franco, Margarita Levieva and More Discuss the Season Finale

The Deuce cast reflects on “My Name Is Ruby,” as well as the pivotal moments for their characters this season.


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