Valerie learns that her old nemesis Paulie G. is creating a character based on her for a new HBO series.
Valerie meets her co-star, and becomes increasingly anxious about shooting an intimate scene.
Valerie learns that some of her 'Seeing Red' scenes may be cut, and takes an improv class at The Groundlings.
Valerie frets about Paulie G.'s agitated behavior, and scores an exclusive interview with The New York Times.
Valerie tries to plan a special date night for her and Mark, but a grueling day-long reshoot in the desert thwarts her plans. Meanwhile, Valerie sets off Paulie's anxiety by talking about 'Seeing Red's early reviews.
After an appearance on 'The Talk,' Valerie's marriage is tested when Jane convinces her to wear a mic on a reconciliatory dinner with Mark. After a pit stop to check up on Mickey, who was a no-show earlier that day, Valerie is grilled by bloggers while doing an Emmy(R) press junket for 'Seeing Red.
Season Two Finale. Valerie gets her first real taste of success, and wonders if Mark will be there on the biggest night of her life.
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