For information and support regarding voting rights, racial justice, community activism, and more, please refer to the following organizations.

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HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy. We reach young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts and online – to inform and empower.

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Vote Riders

Voter ID laws prevent or intimidate millions of eligible Americans from casting their ballot. To address this crisis, Vote Riders works nationwide to provide voter ID education and assistance to all eligible voters who are in need. It equips voters with what they need to vote with confidence, knowing they cannot be turned away.

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Rock The Vote

Rock the Vote is a nonpartisan nonprofit that focuses on voter registration, education, and mobilization and works to modernize the process and fight for young people's right to vote. For 30 years, Rock the Vote has revolutionized the way we use culture, technology and activism to engage young people in the civic process.

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Color of Change

Color of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization. It challenges injustice, holds corporate and political leaders accountable, commissions game-changing research on systems of inequality, and advances solutions for racial justice that can transform our world.

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Voto Latino

Voto Latino Foundation (VLF) is the largest Latinx voter registration organization in the country with over one million supporters and has registered over 711,000 voters, to date. This non-profit, non-partisan organization is centered around Latinx youth, predicated on their influence in their households and their sheer numbers.