2 Dope Queens Premiere2 Dope Queens Premiere


How “Tiny, Vegan Mom” Tig Notaro Took Care of the 2 Dope Queens

At the New York premiere of the podcast turned HBO specials, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams were all praise for their director’s nurturing style.


At New York’s Public Hotel last week, friends and fans of podcast duo 2 Dope Queens — comprised of Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson — cozied up in the hotel’s chic basement theater for a slumber party. The event included a screening of the first of four HBO specials. Specials include guests Jon Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tituss Burgess, Uzo Aduba and a slew of up-and-coming stand-up acts.

Guests were given slippers and blankets. and encouraged to stretch out on sofas and bean bags. Before entering the unconventional premiere space, Williams and Robinson walked the red carpet to share their excitement about the upcoming specials, airing every Friday in February.

2 Dope Queens Premiere

“I hope those who watch have a lot of fun,” Williams said. “I hope they discover comedians they didn’t know existed and fall in love with them.” In addition to hosting celebrity guests, the Queens have maintained their podcast tradition of inviting stand-up acts from across the comedy community to perform during the show.

Staying true to their roots was important to the Queens. “It was about making sure we kept the essence of the podcast, which Tig Notaro helped us do,” said Robinson. Notaro, who directed her own HBO special, Boyish Girl Interrupted, was the eye behind all four 2 Dope Queens specials. “It was nice that we could say, ‘Tig’s here, and everything is going to be OK,’” Robinson continued. “She felt like our tiny, vegan mom.”

2 Dope Queens Premiere

Williams and Robinson hope longtime fans will be as psyched about their transition to TV. “I hope they feel like they’re hanging with two of their ignorant-ass, moisturized black girlfriends,” joked Williams.

Robinson is thrilled they’re able to continue spotlighting different voices within the comedy community. “A lot of comics don’t get this same chance if you’re not a straight, white male so it’s great to have diverse voices on stage rocking with us.”

Catch new specials of 2 Dope Queens every Friday night in February at 11:30 pm.

The Queens Introduce Themselves

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams offer a peek inside their four-part comedy event, and the comedy community that brought them together.