Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are joined by director and activist Janet Mock, along with rapper Lizzo for a music-inspired special.

Janet Mock Slays Her Acceptance Speech

The writer, director and transgender rights activist practices her ‘mock’ award show acceptance speech for trivial achievements.

Pat Brown Doesn’t Into Play Gender Roles

The comedian has accepted the realities of aging, has discovered new vibrator uses and doesn’t like to define gender in relationships.

Royal Lessons From Lizzo

The rapper teaches the Queens how to play flute while twerking at the same time.

Natasha Muse “Needed a Change”

The comedian discusses her move to San Francisco, transexuality and what it’s like to be a big music fan but not skilled “with words” and lyrics.

Get a Peek at the Next Special

Comedian and actor Keegan Michael-Key joins the Queens for a regal goodbye at the Kings Theater.

More From the Special

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