Phoebe and Jessica chat about fashion moments with Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o — and challenge her to a braiding competition.

Relive the Royalty

Get ready for more Phoebe and Jessica and rewatch (or start binge-watching) the first four specials: “New York”, “Hair,” “Hot Peen” and “Black Nerds.” No order necessary.

Lupita Nyong’o Talks ‘Us’ While Braiding Hair

The actor shows off her box braiding skills and discusses working with Jordan Peele on his new horror thriller.

Comedian Solomon Georgio on New York vs. L.A. and More

The stand-up is over people claiming everyone in Los Angeles is fake, and explains why he has chooses “the buffer seat” in movie theaters.

Yas, Lupita N’yongo Can Rap

There’s nothing the Oscar-winning actor and self-described “Trouble Maker” can’t do — and “droppin’ bars” is one of them.

“Nostalgia” Preview

The Queens indulge in their nostalgia with Harry Potter himself: Daniel Radcliffe. Catch a glimpse before Friday night.

More From the Special

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