To celebrate Silicon Valley’s Season 5 premiere, the show’s fictitious pizza delivery startup became a reality. In a guerilla marketing stunt utilizing both social and offline platforms, HBO made Silicon Valley’s pizza delivery startup “Sliceline” a reality. The activation was fueled by Twitter, but also relied on a digital partnership with fan service Fooji to make free pizza deliveries, decked out in Sliceline branding and Silicon Valley tune-in.

For one day only, hungry fans in three major cities saw their pizza dreams come true. The stunt kicked off on Twitter with an announcement from @SiliconHBO. Fans who tweeted #Sliceline and a pizza emoji received an automatic response, which lead them to an official order page where they entered their address. Local pizzerias around the three cities fulfilled orders, delivering pizzas in Sliceline-branded boxes. A number of pizza deliveries were carried out by drone. By the end of the day, 714 pies were delivered before the parody service sold out and declared “bankruptcy.”