Navigating Silicon Valley’s Hacker Hostel VR Experience

Complete all the “To Dos,” and head to the VR headset (on the coffee table in the living room, by the bong) for a surprise!

1. Always blue! (x5)

Pick up the “Hoberman Pitch Switch Ball” near the computer rigs and throw and catch the ball “on blue” five times in a row.

2. Geek squad

Find the drill and stack of hard drives at Gilfoyle’s desk. Pick up each and use the drill to put holes in the drives.

3. Not hotdog?

A reference to an app featured in Season 4, find the smartphone (answer Richard’s call to complete another interaction) and use VR hands to open the “Not Hot Dog” app. Have fun taking pics around the house to identify hot dogs or… not hot dogs.

4. Narrow spoons only

Head to the kitchen and locate the yogurt containers on the counter. Use VR hands to pick up and open the yogurt. You can eat the yogurt with a big spoon, but only a tiny spoon will fit in the jam section — find it somewhere in the kitchen.

5. Make room for server wires  

Over by Gilfoyle’s desk, throw a punch at the wall to make a hole.

6. Take a hit

Find the bong and lighter on the coffee table in the living room. Light up the bong and lean in to take a pull. Breath out (for real!!) and see what happens.

7. Doodle on Gavin

In the front hall, pick up the marker to the right of Gavin’s portrait and graffiti whatever you’d like on the image.

8. Are you wearing a gold chain?

Locate Dinesh’s gold chain in the TV room and put it on over your head.

9. Goddammit Jian Yang!

Find the burner phone around the house and pick it up to receive a prank call from Jian Yang.

10. Score in foosball

Play a round of foosball (against some AI programming). Score a point to complete the interaction!

11. Steam up the bathroom

Turn the hot water on in the sink faucet to steam up the mirror and spot a hidden message from Jared.

12. Pied Piper is Tables

Find a DVD by the television and put it in the player. Pick up the remote to watch a less-than-successful ad campaign for Richard’s startup.

13.  Launch a Homicide can

Pick up one of the Homicide Energy cans around the house and shake it before releasing to launch the can around the room.

14. Trash the kitchen with fish

Pick up the old fish on the kitchen table and go full demolition mode, whacking things with it.

15. SWOT: Let Blaine die?

A reference to Season 2, arrange the index cards on the SWOT board to reflect what you see as a “Strength, Opportunity, Weakness, or Threat.”

16. Find missing code

Find the smartphone and answer Richard’s call. Help him out of a crisis, by going around the house to locate a pink heart-shaped Post It that has a missing piece of code on it.

17. Find the Valley

Once all other “To Dos” are completed, head to the VR headset in the living room (near the bong) and put it on your head for a surprise.