Server Error

Written by Dan O'Keefe

Directed by Mike Judge

The guys watch security footage of a Hooli phone blowing up and realize their software is responsible for a pandemic of exploding phones. Jared can’t take the dishonesty and hands Richard his resignation. Richard tells Jared he needs to give two-weeks notice and Jared reluctantly agrees.

In a damage control meeting, Jack Barker proposes replacing all 17 million affected phones in the next three days. The board refuses to approve the plan and Barker admits he already greenlit a press release about the recall.

After realizing the phones will be recalled, the guys strategize another place to store Melcher’s data; Richard proposes using Anton -- Gilfoye’s server farm in the garage.

Richard calls Big Head and asks for his Stanford log in so he can access the faculty server array. Big Head is hesitant because he’s “on super thin ice with the head of the CS department,” but eventually gives in. Richard tries to get online but realizes they have no broadband connection: Jared never paid the bill because they ran out of money. This means Melcher’s data is offline.

While on the phone with Melcher, Richard gets an idea: Move Anton to Stanford and plug it directly into their network. Jared tries to handle logistics as they pack the truck, and Richard fires him. Gilfoyle and Dinesh take Jared’s side, and when the truck’s batteries die, they jump the truck using Anton’s batteries and drive off.

Barker speaks to the workers in Hooli’s Chinese factory and motivates them to work harder. On Bloomberg, Emily Chang reports Jack Barker has been taken hostage. While meditating in a Buddhist monastery, Erlich tells Gavin about the Hooli phone recall. Gavin offers to handle the Barker hostage situation since he’s “next door” in Tibet and abandons Erlich who is high on opium. Gavin rescues Jack and announces the plane will be dropping off Jack in Jackson Hole -- one last time.

A nervous Big Head meets the truck at the loading dock, and checks inside the cargo hold. He tells the guys it’s fine, noting he thought there would be a lot more stuff. The guys look, and find the truck is empty; pieces of the server litter the road. Richard receives an angry text from Melcher requesting he return his call.

At Melcher’s office, an employee tells Richard he was just using their data network and it’s working fine. Gilfoyle starts laughing -- 30,000 smart fridges have joined the network, probably because he added Pied Piper to the fridge’s firmware to accommodate his “suck it Jian Yang” video.

As the guys wonder why Melcher is so upset, the executive runs into the lobby and tackles Richard to the floor; Liz confessed to her infidelity. Gavin meets Richard for dinner and presents him with an acquisition offer, which Richard confidently rejects.