Critics, Flynn-Fans Speculate Sharp Objects to be HBO’s “Darkest Show Yet”


The first look at the upcoming series Sharp Objects has arrived. The minute-long preview showcases the eerie world of Wind Gap, Missouri, home to reporter Camille Preaker (Amy Adams) who rekindle relations with her estranged family as she investigates the murders of two young girls. See what critics and HBO fans had to say about their first glimpse of the limited series, coming this July.

Viewers are ready for the darkness.

“It’s a testament to all involved that ‘the horrible murder’ isn’t even the creepiest thing about the teaser,” Vulture said of the introduction to the crime drama, executive-produced by Get Out’s Jason Blum. Bustle also got the chills: “...It will have your hair standing on end before you finish the minute-long clip, but it’s so well-produced that you’ll be clamoring for more anyway.” And Refinery29 is placing bets that Sharp Objects will be HBO’s “darkest show yet.”

Gillian Flynn fans rejoice.

In addition to executive producing Sharp Objects, Flynn also serves as a writer. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise how excited fans are that her 2006 debut novel is being translated to screen. “Wow, some of these settings in this little trailer look exactly like how I imagined them in the book,” @Fan4me said on Twitter. “It’s a modern Southern gothic, and the first teaser captures the book’s eerie essence,” People noted.

It shares DNA with Big Little Lies...

Sharp Objects shares DNA with another mysterious, female-led drama: Big Little Lies, notably director Jean-Marc Vallée and a focus on complex women and the relationships between them. Decider said the teaser is “giving serious Big Little Lies vibes.” Maybe the women of Monterey will have a thing or two in common with those in Wind Gap.

...And has caught the attention of True Detective fans.

YouTube viewers are comparing the “unsettling” nature of the tease to Nic Pizzolatto’s brooding limited crime series, which will be returning for a third season. Vanity Fair is also ready for viewers to “bond as a nation by collectively obsessing over it, True Detective-season-one-style.”

Everyone’s already in awe of Amy Adams.

The five-time Oscar nominee has appeared on TV before, ranging from The Office to Charmed. This is her first major role on the small screen, however, and her fans are more than ready. “[Amy Adams] is one of the best actresses working today, and a limited series with her in the lead role is a must-see show based on her alone,” Collider said. @JesabelRaay of Twitter was a bit more frank: “Amy Adams is coming for her Emmy.”

Sharp Objects premieres July 8 at 9 pm.

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