Online Advertising
Sharp Objects Launch Campaign

To introduce Sharp Objects, HBO launched a multi-tactical online advertising campaign focused on the A-list cast, prestigious players behind the camera, and Adora Crellin’s iconic Victorian house.

The campaign team was inspired by the Crellin house — a stunning Victorian with sinister secrets — to tease the show’s mystery. Its floral wallpaper harnessed an ornate beauty while also acting as a motif of deceit and evil. The team made this visual metaphor the campaign’s anchor and threaded it through social video and assets.

The campaign then diversified creative to speak to distinct audiences, targeting fans of the pedigree — Producer Get Out, director of Big Little Lies, author of Gone Girl, and star Amy Adams — across digital and social media, high-impact display, and programmatic video.

Pre-finale, the campaign leaned into the obsessive nature surrounding the series to create “Sharp Week, ” featuring character-focused social assets that highlighted the ominous conclusion ahead.