“Don’t tell Mama.”
“Don’t tell Mama.”


Audiences React to Sharp Objects’ Twist Ending


Viewers were left gobsmacked by the moments leading up to — and after — the final credits of the series. Contains spoilers.

After eight weeks, Sharp Objects came to a close and, true to Gillian Flynn’s novel, saved one last twist for the very end. Upon saving Amma from Adora, Camille was finally granted peace — until her world was, once more, ripped out from under her. Here’s what audiences and critics had to say about the series’ performances, that unexpected revelation and the post-credits jaw-dropper. Contains spoilers.

Many feel Amy Adams, a five-time Academy Award nominee, deserves an Emmy and Golden Globe win for playing haunted reporter Camille. One viewer specifically called for a few extra stars in her honor on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

While Patricia Clarkson’s embodiment of matriarch Adora Crellin has been called “magnificent” and “phenomenal,” young Eliza Scanlen also drew praise for her portrayal of Amma Crellin, especially in the final twist. Audiences called her performance a “standout” alongside Oscar-nominees Adams and Clarkson, and believe it’s only a matter of time before her career “blows up.”

Fans of Flynn’s novel patted themselves on the back for keeping quiet about the ending. When St. Louis Chronicle editor and Camille’s boss Frank Curry (Miguel Sandoval) reads her final piece aloud, keen viewers recognized the passage from the end of the book. If it’s been a while since you’ve read Flynn’s 2006 debut, The Wrap has a roundup of all the page-to-screen differences.

Whether or not viewers were familiar with the source material, fans were left stunned by back-to-back reveals which unfolded in seconds. Camille discovered evidence from Ann Nash’s and Natalie Keene’s deaths — the missing teeth — hidden in plain sight. Those who stuck around after Amma’s chilling “Don’t tell Mama” were shown, in a haunting post-credits montage, how the girls (and Amma’s new friend Mae) met their untimely fates.

Now that the limited series has ended, audiences are deciding what to watch next. One viewer suggested Mommy Dead and Dearest, a documentary about a high-profile case of Munchausen by Proxy. Others, after getting a first look at Season 3 of True Detective, are counting down the days until its January premiere.

A handful of fans, however, are already planning to watch the eight-episode “masterpiece” all over again to see what they might have missed along the way.

Every episode of Sharp Objects is available to stream.