Sex And The CitySex And The City

S4 Ep 17: A 'Vogue' Idea

Directed by Martha Coolidge
Written by Alan Heinberg

"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

Full of optimism, Carrie turns in her first article for Vogue. Her fierce new editor, Enid (played by Candice Bergen) isn't impressed and says she wants "less Carrie Bradshaw." However, Julian, the Vogue bigwig who hired her, isn't worried. He takes her into his office for a morning pep talk along with one too many martinis.

In another conversation over drinks, Richard tells Samantha that what he really wants for his birthday is a three-way with Samantha and the restaurant's hot young hostess, Alexa.

Carrie tells Julian that she's thinking of quitting Vogue. Julian wonders what her dad would say and Carrie reveals that her father left when she was 5 years old. She wonders: How much does a father-figure figure?

Meanwhile, mom-to-be Miranda is freaking out about how she's going to juggle work and motherhood. Charlotte enthusiastically offers to throw Miranda a baby shower and Miranda begrudgingly accepts. But when Charlotte goes into high gear with storks and the must-have baby toys, Miranda freaks even more. At the shower, Charlotte cries when Miranda receives a Tiffany's silver baby rattle just like the one Trey had given her. Miranda comforts Charlotte and tells her how much she needs her help with the whole baby/motherhood thing. She also realizes that she might not be such a bad mom after all.

Over at Richard's place, the three-way is underway, until Alexa calls Richard, "Daddy." Richard tells Samantha to get rid of her. He also tells Samantha that he wants to try the monogamy thing.

Carrie rewrites her article and it passes the Vogue test. Julian takes Carrie to the Vogue accessories closet where Carrie flips over the Mary Jane Manolos. She also flips when Julian changes into some Versace briefs and starts to come on to her. She decides to work with Ened from that point on.