Sex And The CitySex And The City

S4 Ep 10: Belles of the Balls

Directed by Michael Spiller
Written by Michael Patrick King

"Balls are to men what purses are to women." - Carrie

Steve is feeling insecure, less manly and lopsided with only one ball left. Trey's manhood is also challenged when Charlotte tells him he needs to get his sperm tested since she hasn't gotten pregnant yet. Big is depressed because his new movie star girlfriend is dissing him and he calls Carrie for support, which angers Aidan. Carrie realizes that Aidan still feels threatened by Big. She wonders: Are men just women with balls?

Samantha gets an appointment with ball-buster hotel magnate Richard Wright and tries to win an account. He tells her she would need to work with a partner - a male partner. Samantha realizes he just doesn't want to hire a woman.

Up at Aidan's country house, Carrie gets another call from Big, who is so distraught he says he'll drive up there to talk with her. Aidan fumes when he finds out. Big arrives, gets drunk and has to spend the night. The next day, Carrie tells Big he has to make friends with Aidan. When he goes out to apologize to Aidan, the two end up wrestling in the mud. With the testosterone tension broken, the two bond as Big confides in Aidan about his girl problems.

Samantha returns to Richard Wright and though Richard admits she's the best person for the job, he says he won't hire her because she slept with his architect. Samantha tells him off and then runs into the elevator as she's about to start crying. The next day, Richard hires her, saying he's impressed with her "balls."

Steve tells Miranda that he's interested in getting a testicle implant and they visit a specialist. They find out the procedure is still in clinical trials and Miranda tells Steve to forget about it. Miranda tries to help Steve heal emotionally but she realizes that what Steve needs is a woman who wants to have sex with him. So, she takes him to bed.