These Sex and the City Episodes Are Best Watched Uncut

By Marissa Blanchard


Watching Sex and the City anywhere except its home network is like a carrying fake Fendi or leaving New York for Napa. Why not stick with the real thing? Here are the episodes to abso-f**cking-lutely watch with a cosmo, without commercials and why. (Don’t let these asterisks confuse you; you can stream the series fully uncensored on HBO NOW and HBO GO.)

“Sex and the City” — Season 1, Episode 1

The pilot episode can be easily missed in an all-day TV marathon. Audience, meet “sexual anthropologist” Carrie Bradshaw, as her distinct voiceover introduces her friends, each with very different opinions on sex — Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

The can’t cut moment: Samantha challenging her friends to “have sex like a man.”

“The Drought” — Season 1, Episode 11

This episode centers around something seemingly innocent — a lack of sexual activity — but the women’s frustration comes out in their language. Samantha makes the uncharacteristic choice to pursue celibacy, while Miranda unwillingly suffers a three-month dry spell.

The can’t cut moment: What exactly Carrie’s neighbors are up to.

“They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?” — Season 2, Episode 4

Saying “one more drink” never ends well. Carrie falls victim to headline punctuation on the cover of New York magazine: “Single and Fabulous?” This classic episode leaves all the women questioning their single status. It also features a cameo from a very notable A-Lister.

The can’t cut moment: Samantha’s line, “You’re single, fabulous and f**cked.”

“The F**k Buddy” — Season 2, Episode 14

Does dating history repeat itself? After a falling out with Big, Carrie tries desperately to break her dating pattern by attempting to get serious with a friend with benefits.

The can’t cut moment: Samantha educating Charlotte about the benefits of a f**k buddy.

“Where There’s Smoke” — Season 3, Episode 1

In a rare sighting outside of Manhattan, Carrie judges a firefighter calendar competition in Staten Island and drags her friends along. Charlotte makes the best of the night with one too many Staten Island iced teas.

The can’t cut moment: Samantha fulfills her fiery fireman fantasy.

“Frenemies” — Season 3, Episode 16

Charlotte and Samantha’s friendship is put to the test after their widely different opinions on sex have personal consequences. Miranda dates Carrie’s “asshole” ex despite having been warned against it.

The can’t cut moment: Charlotte channels Samantha at lunch with her sorority sisters-turned-frenemies.

“Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” — Season 4, Episode 11

Sometimes life’s toughest moments can’t be censored. Miranda discovers a “mercy f**k” got her pregnant, just when Charlotte learns she and Trey have a slight chance of conceiving.

The can’t cut moment: Samantha name drops a “big f**cking star” client.

“The Big Journey” — Season 5, Episode 7

Carrie’s cross-country train ride falls very short of her Some Like It Hot expectations. She drags Samantha on a three-day train ride San Francisco to promote her book — but mostly to see Big. Charlotte sleeps with Harry for the first time and asks Anthony for advice on how to keep things casual.

The can’t cut moment: Charlotte’s explanation to Harry, “We’re not a couple. You’re just a great f**k.”

“Great Sexpectations” — Season 6A, Episode 2

Basic cable is no place for Samantha’s first steamy meeting with Smith Jerrod at Raw. While things heat up for Sam, Carrie and Berger have trouble translating their chemistry into the bedroom.

The can’t cut moment: Samantha’s realization, “F**k me badly once, shame on you. F**k me badly twice, shame on me.”

“An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux” — Season 6B, Episode 8

You can’t watch Sex and the City without wondering: What’s Mr. Big’s real name? In the emotional finale, Carrie leaves viewers with a parting realization of self-love.

The can’t cut moment: The finale comes full circle with Big’s, “Abso-f**king-lutely.”

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