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Flight of the Conchords 05: Sally Returns

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Summary: With Bret preoccupied with Coco, a lonely Jemaine visits the laundromat--and runs into Sally, the 'most beautiful girl in the room,' who dumped him (and Bret) earlier this year. Envisioning a new life with Sally--including making 'Business Time' with her every Wednesday night--Jemaine's dreams take a detour when he learns she won't spend time with him until he gets his own place. After attending a band meeting in which Murray reveals he's used their retirement fund to invest in 'real estate,' Jemaine moves into a 'studio compartment' in a fancy doorman building, and plans a space-warming party. Unfortunately, the date of his bash conflicts with Sally's birthday, and Bret, who reveals he's still in love with Sally, forsakes Jemaine's party in favor of Sally's, where he trumps Jemaine with a special hand-crafted gift. As Jemaine cuts short his festivities to head over to Sally's party, both suitors are in for the shock of their lives (well, maybe just a shock). (TVMA) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Jemaine Clement,Bret McKenzie,James Bobin,Troy Miller,Stu Smiley,Anna Dokoza

CAST : Jemaine Clement,Bret McKenzie

WRITER : James Bobin,Jemaine Clement,Bret McKenzie

DIRECTOR : James Bobin

Genre : Comedy