Sally4Ever | Season 1 | Episode 5


TV-MA | 34 MIN

Written by Julia Davis
Directed by Julia Davis

Deborah grills Sally about her subpar work performance; citing Eleanor as a better candidate for the promotion. When Deborah suggests Sally's new relationship with Emma is impacting her work, Sally swiftly deflects, saying she's happy to talk about her performance, but not her personal life. Deborah issues her a formal warning, leading Sally to ask her if she has a problem with same-sex relationships. To Sally's surprise, Deborah reveals her attraction to Sally.

Sally meets David at a coffee shop and finds him wearing a ridiculous toupee. He brags about his new relationship and improved sex life — claiming his new girlfriend is already pregnant. Floored, Sally gives him a half-hearted congratulations. David hears his girlfriend honking the car horn outside and uses to opportunity drop a bombshell: He wants to sell the house.

Sally sobs in therapy, admitting Emma's infidelity and David's new relationship make her long for a life of normalcy — one that includes children of her own. Misreading the situation as usual, Belinda, the couple's therapist, pressures Sally into telling Emma she wants to have a baby with her. Emma, excited about the security a baby would bring, agrees and decides to start looking for potential sperm donors.

That night, Nigel shows up at Sally's place, thinking they are meeting about work — but the women have a different agenda. Emma offers to make dinner and hands Nigel a glass of wine. Sally vaguely asks Nigel about being their sperm donor, but he mistakes their offer as one for a threesome. After Emma awkwardly corrects him, Sally suggests leading him to the bathroom so he can privately provide them what they need.

Emma, Sally and Nigel enjoy an awkward dinner. Emma asks if the attempt was successful and gleans from Nigel's response that he and Sally went the more traditional route. Sally apologizes for having sex with Nigel, and Emma storms off to bed. Nigel and Sally continue to drink; she suggests that it's late and he should spend the night on the couch and kisses him.

At work the next day, Sally receives a phone call. She rushes to the hospital, where she finds Emma crying in bed, her wrists bandaged. The doctor says he's unsure if Emma is ready to be released. Belinda storms in, rushing to Emma's side: "The client always comes first." Emma tearfully expresses a need for Sally in her life and asks her to marry her. Belinda, the doctor and Emma pressure an overwhelmed Sally into accepting the proposal.