Episode Four


Written by Julia Davis
Directed by Julia Davis

Sally and Nigel talk about their relationships, while Eleanor looks on with disdain. Sally admits calling off her engagement was for the best, and Nigel says things are over between him and Roquette, the fitness instructor, because she needs a more “vibrant partner.” Later, Eleanor accuses Sally of flirting with Nigel, because David broke their engagement and her life isn’t working out. Sally sets her straight.

“David did not call it off. I called it off, OK? And also, I’ve got a girlfriend, so thank you very much.”

Emma arrives on Dan’s set and learns that Lena Headey has replaced Marion Cotillard as the baker. “Why didn’t you call me?” Emma asks, incredulous. She begs him to make her a star; he says he hasn’t forgotten about the threesome she promised.

At the funeral for David’s father, Sally’s mother offers to pay for an exorcism to make her straight. Glancing at David with a look of pity, she proclaims he’ll never be able to find anyone else. Kate offers her condolences to Sally, but also suggests Dan was coked up after the women came over for dinner, prompting Sally to accuse her of undermining her relationship with Emma.

Sally visits the set to question Emma about what Kate told her and Emma denies everything, despite getting caught in lie. Resisting Dan’s “rustic” vision of an “old hag” assistant baker, Emma glams up her makeup and unbuttons her blouse. Take after take, she overplays her scene, causing Dan to lose his temper — spectacularly — in front of the whole cast and crew.

“Who doesn’t know what a cortado is?”

To make amends, Emma offers Dan oral sex, dirty talk and cocaine in his trailer. Unbeknownst to them, Sally is trapped in the bathroom and overhears everything. She escapes at precisely the moment Emma and Dan are in their most compromising position. Dan asks her to join in, but Sally declines, saying she feels ill by what she’s just witnessed. Kate and her daughter also walk in on the shocking scene.