Sally4Ever | Season 1 | Episode 2


TV-MA | 33 MIN

Written by Julia Davis
Directed by Julia Davis

David pulls up to the house he and Sally shared together and leaves flowers and chocolates on the doorstep, while Emma looks on from a window above, smoking. After he drives off, she intercepts the package and rips up the enclosed note: "I miss you mouse. I will wait for you. Happy Birthday! I love you, now and always. David XXX."

Sally awakens to noise and discovers her sitting room has been completely redone — it now features a nude photo of Emma squatting over a Damien Hirst teddy bear. The whole thing is a birthday surprise to help rid the space of David's toxic vibe; Sally says she loves it.

Later, Sally arrives home and is startled to find her parents there making awkward small talk with Emma. Over dinner, Sally's mother asks about wedding plans, and Sally hems and haws. Given that the engagement was just announced, her mother can't understand why Sally is speaking so hesitatingly.

Sally admits she's unsure about her sexuality — she thinks she's "on the spectrum." Her parents leave abruptly: Her mother is uncomfortable with Sally's revelation, and her father is having digestive issues with the pasta, which was clearly not gluten-free.

David comes around the next day to pick up his belongings and have brunch, despite Emma's protests. She encourages Sally to ask him for the house since they were practically common-law partners. When Sally mentions this idea to David, he reminds her the house wasn't a joint purchase — he bought it with money from his mother. Emma claims that being in a miserable relationship for years has taken a toll on Sally's health, and that she deserves the house as compensation. David attempts to kiss his fiancée while she does the dishes, but she turns away.

David receives devastating news from his mother: His father has died. As Sally packs a weekend bag, Emma insinuates the timing is suspiciously convenient, like a ploy for David to get Sally's attention. She jumps in the back seat as Sally and David head off to David's mother's house — she's coming along to give Sally her emotional support.

During the car ride, a mini power struggle ensues: Emma keeps requesting they stop for a coffee, while David asks Sally to please keep driving. As David gets teary about his father's sudden passing, and Sally consoles him, Emma takes a phone call. She claims one of her best friends has been killed in a freak accident. She needs comforting, too.

When they finally arrive at David's mother's house, he asks Sally to pretend they're still together — and to keep up appearances by sleeping in the same room. Over tea, David's mother shares that his father committed suicide by hanging himself.

With David fast asleep, Sally sneaks into Emma's room to say goodnight. She says nothing physical can happen between them while they're there, but they start having sex — loudly and vigorously; David's mother walks by and catches a glimpse of what's going on. She goes to bed, mouth agape, and David finds her the next morning in a catatonic state. It's either a delayed reaction to her husband's death, the doctor says, or something else has left her utterly dumbstruck.