It's March 15, Rome if You Want To

by Ashley Morton

Embrace the Ides of March and start watching the dramatic series credited for inspiring Game of Thrones.

Why this day?

March 15, aka the Ides of March, marks the date Julius Caesar was assassinated, and a major turning point for the Roman empire.

What’s with the “beware” stuff?

This is a reference to a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “Beware the Ides of March.” A fortune-teller in the first act warns Caesar to watch out.

And so?

Today is the day you should start sampling the series Rome. Watch the first episode for free now, no HBO subscription required.

What is Rome?

It’s an epic two-season series about the Roman empire, but don’t worry if you’re not a history buff. This drama features the talents of Ciaran Hinds (Game of Thrones), Kevin McKidd (Trainspotting), Indira Varma (Game of Thrones), Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones), Lindsay Duncan (Season 3 of The Leftovers) and Ray Stevenson (Thor), and is credited by some as the spark that made Game of Thrones possible.

Ciaran Hinds

Rome: Gaius Julius Caesar

Game of Thrones: Mance Rayder

Indira Varma

Rome: Niobe

Game of Thrones: Ellaria Sand

Tobias Menzies

Rome: Marcus Junius Brutus

Game of Thrones: Edmure Tully


It’s true: When asked how working on Game of Thrones compared to working on Rome, actor Indira Varma, (Ellaria Sand in GoT) responded, “It’s funny because they’re not dissimilar. Rome was an amazing series. And they’re both controversial, thought-provoking and challenging.”

“I feel like Rome was a precursor for Game of Thrones because it was on such a massive scale. It was political and it had that historical aspect as well, and the period drama. I feel really proud of Rome. I feel like without it there wouldn’t have been a Game of Thrones.”

How do I get started?

All of Rome is available to stream on HBO Now and HBO Go, or you can click below and start watching the first episode immediately.

Start Rome From the Beginning

Check out the first episode of Season 1, "The Stolen Eagle," now — no HBO subscription required.