Episode 269

January 25, 2013



"Lip-synching?! Let that be a lesson. If you are in Washington, D.C., and you open your mouth and another voice comes out, it better be the NRA, an oil company or a bank." -Bill Maher

"I think they still don't get it. If I were a Republican and I was talking to a woman, I'd want my positions understood less." -Bill Maher


"The more women we elect to public office, the more wholesome the whole process will be, whether it's government, politics, whatever." -Nancy Pelosi

"On the subject of money and politics and the rest, I have a DARE: Disclose who are these people; Amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United; Reform: let's have public financing of campaigns; and Empower." -Nancy Pelosi


"We're very proud of the president"s speech. We think it was a statement of the American Dream. It restored confidence in much of what we believe in as a country, and preserving the planet with climate change." -Nancy Pelosi

"I thought the speech was great. I didn't think it was partisan. I thought it was American, and it was about time the President of the United States stood up against all this crazy crap on the right wing." -Howard Dean

"I've never heard an inauguration speech like that -- didn't they kind of drive him to it, because he did reach out in the first term and he just got the back of their hand?" -Bill Maher

"They didn't win the election. And so what was interesting was the theme of the speech was sort of, 'You didn't build that' over again. But this time, it's not a gaffe; it's the speech." -Kristen Soltis


"I want to remain that family farmer independence, which I think is so critical to this country. I think it's helped build this country." -John Tester

"I think people need to know what they're eating. That's why I support "country of origin" labeling. That's why I support labeling of GMO's." -John Tester


"It just seems like there's less people pulling the wagon and more people in the wagon. And at one point -- some point -- the wagon is going to break." -Bill Maher

"If you start having too many government programs, your society gets soft and you can't sustain yourself." -David Avella

"There are definitely some people who cheat, but how come we're only focusing on people who are on welfare who cheat, and not the bank presidents who cheat?" -Howard Dean

"You've got these entitlement programs that aren't like means-tested things. It's not, you know, a social safety net in the sense of you've fallen on hard times and you need some help." -Kristen Soltis

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