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Racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr discusses his efforts to carry his famed father’s NASCAR legacy and how concussion difficulties led him to the broadcast booth. Also, Jon Frankel examines the role of college strength and conditioning coaches after a number of football deaths occurred during non-contact hours, and David Scott profiles a seven-year-old, one-armed golfing phenom.


Why Earnhardt Left the Track

Retired NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. opens up about his legendary late father and his surprising decision to leave racing behind.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Concussion Battle

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. talks about feeling concussion symptoms weeks after a crash.

300 Acres

Earnhardt takes Mary Carillo on a tour of his massive home and an old Western town he had built called Whisky River.

The Broadcast Booth

Earnhardt explains why he shifted to a new role and if he misses the racetrack.

Tommy Morrissey: Boy Wonder

The seven-year-old taught himself how to golf with only one arm, using more torque and vertical force than his competition.

College Football Workout Deaths

Jordan McNair is one of 30 players who have died as a result of college football workouts since 2000.