Real Sports With Bryant GumbelReal Sports With Bryant Gumbel

September 2017

David Scott examines the pros and cons of small, cash-strapped historically black colleges getting rich paydays to play big-time sports programs. Bryant Gumbel sits down with Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton to learn about the special bond he shares with his disabled brother. Plus, a profile of the McDonough Brothers, three siblings with high-profile positions in the sports world, and an update on a 2011 story about obsessive runners.

Guarantee Games

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
Pay to Slay

Why universities pay small, struggling schools to play — and lose — against their top-tier teams.

Lewis Hamilton

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
The Racing Hamiltons

Lewis Hamilton and his younger brother Nicolas discuss what it takes to be a championship driver at the highest level.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
Riding the Streets with Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton takes Bryant Gumbel on a cruise in his favorite ride. It's not the vehicle you might expect.

Anthem Protests

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
Bryant Gumbel Shares His Thoughts

The Real Sports host weighs in on the ongoing controversy surrounding national anthem protests at U.S. sporting events.