Shaquille O'Neal walks Bernard Goldberg through his growing list of endorsements and his increasingly massive investments. Plus, David Scott chronicles former Olympic medalist Amy Van Dyken's resilient comeback from a paralyzing injury, and John Frankel profiles the fastest family in sports.

Shaq Inc.

Big Money

The only thing bigger than Shaquille O'Neal's physique is the size of his endorsements.

Big Spender

Shaq recalls the time he spent so much money at Walmart his credit card company thought his card had been stolen.

Full Segment

The NBA Hall of Famer sits down with Real Sports to talk about his success in the world of business.

Uncharted Waters

Taking the Plunge

A paralyzing accident hasn't stopped six-time Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken from swimming.

Force of Nature

Living on the Edge

Drag racing may be dangerous, but driver John Force can't quit its thrills.