Ahead of the World Cup, Bernard Goldberg travels to Russia, where Vladimir Putin’s grand plan to achieve glory through sport has taken a dark turn. Plus, Andrea Kremer profiles the Men in Blazers, and Soledad O'Brien explores the Robotics World Championship.

The Purge

Silencing Russian Journalists

As the World Cup gets underway in Russia, an alarming number of critics of President Putin’s efforts to return his country to sports glory have been silenced: some thrown in jail, some forced into exile, and some brutally murdered.

Doping Deaths

In 2016 two Russian insiders appeared ready to reveal the secrets of that country’s state-sponsored doping scheme — they died under questionable circumstances, 11 days apart.

Men in Blazers

Taking Soccer on the Road

Andrea Kremer profiles the guys behind Men in Blazers, Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, the popular English-born broadcasting duo who cover all things soccer — and became a sensation in the U.S. with a television show and podcast that highlight their irreverent senses of humor.


Man Over Machine

Dean Kamen inspires children to invent and problem solve through the unconventional sport of robotics.

A Sport Like No Other

Soledad O’Brien meets with the mastermind behind the Robotics World Championship, where thousands of teenagers from over 80 countries gather to compete in a test of brains over brawn.