Bryant Gumbel speaks with the first explorers to race more than 900 miles across Antarctica without aid. Then, Real Sports investigates the rise of male athletes with eating disorders, explores Minnesota’s “Super Bowl” of ice fishing, and catches up with U.S. track star Lopez Lamong.

Race Across Antartica

Colin O'Brady shows how he prepares to do the impossible: crossing Antarctica alone.

The Coldest Catch

Epic Subzero Ice Fishing

Each January in central Minnesota, thousands gather in freezing temperatures to compete in the world's largest ice fishing tournament.

The Ice Inventor

Dave Genz shares the technology driving his innovative ice-fishing technique.

Toxic Culture in Competitive Cycling

Competitive cyclist Guy East divulges the culture that surrounds competitive cycling, and how coaches would treat athletes after intense training.

American Dream

Track and field athlete Lopez Lomong wants his younger brothers in Kenya to have the opportunities he's received in America.