real sports with bryant gumbelreal sports with bryant gumbel

Real Sports dives into the disproportionate number of high school football players who have died from heat stroke since 1990; Justin Tucker’s musical talent that helps him on the field; Ryan Lochte turning over a new leaf after a long series of missteps; and Ken Green’s life-changing surgery.

Fatal Inaction

real sports with bryant gumbel
Heat Stroke

Soledad O’Brien examines the vast amount of high school players who died from heat stroke, the hyper-competitive coaches who skirt around the limited safety rules and the state administrators who have been slow to mandate cheap, life-saving ice tubs.

The Dangers of Heat Stroke

As seen in our story on the dangers of heat stroke, Dr. Doug Casa – of the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut – teamed with the NFL to create a video designed to educate the football community about heat stroke.

Classically Trained

Justin Tucker

Bernard Goldberg sits down with Justin Tucker to discuss how his opera training has helped him become the most accurate kicker in the NFL.

Vocal Lessons

Justin Tucker gives Bernard Goldberg a demo of the breathing technique that helps him manage the pressure on the stage and on the field.

Fresh Start

real sports with bryant gumbel
Ryan Lochte

Jon Frankel speaks to disgraced 12-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte, who talks about how much he has grown since his series of missteps.

Ryan Lochte's New Chapter

As Ryan Lochte prepares to make a comeback at age 35, he reflects on the consequences of his actions and how much he has matured since then.

Hopeful Future

real sports with bryant gumbel
Ken Green

Ken Green updates Bryant Gumbel on the recent surgery that drastically improved the pain in his amputated leg and the weight that has been lifted off his shoulders since revealing he’s a victim of childhood abuse.


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