David Scott travels to Mt. Everest to learn why Sherpas are risking their lives to retrieve dead bodies from the tallest mountain in the world. Also, a profile of Mansour Bahrami, the entertaining tennis player that recently became the oldest to ever compete in Wimbledon, and an examination of the evolving attitudes about women on the sidelines.

A Job That Kills

The native tribe known as Sherpa make climbing Mount Everest possible for hopeful climbers. But many don't make it out alive.

Trick Shots

Tennis’ greatest entertainer, Mansour Bahrami, sits down with Mary Carillo to talk about his love of laughter on the tennis court.

Empowerment or Eye Candy

Denver Broncos cheerleader director Shawna Peters and NFL's first female coach Collette Smith talk about the role of cheerleaders in 2018.