Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Series HBO episode 265Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Series HBO episode 265

David Scott examines whether government officials in Michigan gave a sweetheart arena deal to the wealthy Ilitch family despite a multi-billion dollar bankruptcy. Then, Real Sports sits down with the cameramen taking terrifying risks to capture the world’s deadliest sports, covers a blind wine-tasting competition between two of England’s most prestigious universities, and revisits how AR-15 assault rifles are marketed for sport.

Motown Blues

After the opening of an arena, Real Sports examines the empty promises that have resulted in empty lots in District Detroit.

Extreme Cameramen

Meet the cameraman that experience none of the glory — but all of the danger — of the athletes they follow.

Behind the Lens

Larry Haynes shares some of the terrifying risks he takes to film surfers traversing the infamous Pipeline.

Risky Business

Bear witness to some of the greatest accomplishments in extreme sports comes at a cost.

Slurping for Glory

The rich history and tradition of the annual Oxford vs. Cambridge Varsity Wine Tasting Contest.

America’s Gun

The AR-15 is the best-selling gun on the market, and it is increasingly popular for sport.

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