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April 2017

After Major League Baseball veterans Yordano Ventura and Andy Marte died in separate car accidents on the same day, Jon Frankel explores why a staggering number of ballplayers have died while driving through their native Dominican Republic. Soledad O’Brien meets two amazing brothers: nine-year-old Lucas Aldrich, and his 11-year-old brother Noah. Though Lucas suffers from a rare neurological disorder, Noah helps him compete in challenging triathlons. David Scott follows up with Christy Mack, a victim of domestic violence by a once-prominent MMA star.

Valley of Death

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
A Fatal Crash

An accident involving two Dominican-born Major Leaguers prompts increased concern about the country’s road safety.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
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Drunk Driving in the Dominican Republic

Claudia Francesca De Los Santos believes her new legislation can reduce road accidents.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
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Pedro Martinez on Yordano Ventura

“I wish I had more time to get closer to him.”

Race Against Time

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Brothers Noah and Lucas Aldrich share a bond like no other.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
Brothers Share a Unique Bond

Eleven-year-old Noah Aldrich helps his disabled younger brother, Lucas, compete in grueling triathlons.

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The Triathlon Wall

Noah walks Soledad O'Brien through some of his greatest accomplishments with Lucas.

Uncaged Update

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
Domestic Violence in MMA

Real Sports revisits its 2015 report on the troublesome trend in the sport.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel
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Life or Death Decision

Christy Mack still fears her abuser, War Machine, will kill her if he gets released from prison.