Gun to Your Head

Three weeks 'til shooting, Effie has assembled a team: Van Hayden, the assistant director; production designer Cecil Gentry, who is in charge of the look of the film; Lauren and Jordan Bass, brother and sister casting directors; and location manager Alison Taylor, tasked with finding the house that will serve as setting for the film.

Alison presents her initial findings to Jason, but he shuts down her options because they lack the authenticity of Branford House, a mansion in Connecticut. Marc emphasizes Jason must make a decision so the team can begin filing permits, but Jason maintains none of the locations are plausible.

The team has a start of production meeting that includes Matt Damon, Len Amato and Michael Lombardo, president of HBO programming. The group agrees they’re supportive of hiring actor Tom Bell, who starred in Jason’s short. Matt has concerns that Jason is being unrealistic about who they can cast as Edward. Jason again brings up shooting on film, and Effie reiterates they’re already over budget.

Alison drives Jason to check the locations. They tour a few estates including the Playboy Mansion. Jason finds problems with each of the houses. “Why would he make our jobs easier at this point?” Effie asks. Marc is also frustrated that Jason won't compromise. Alison states that Jason cannot afford to have the look he’s going for. She turns to a large bottle of bourbon and laments this has been her hardest location to find in her 20-year career.

The team begins casting for the character of William, who grounds the film. Ed Weeks from ‘The Mindy Project’ comes in and everyone, including Jason, is impressed. Jason is completely sold after he learns Tom Bell used to perform with Ed Weeks. Unfortunately, a legal issue with Ed’s contract means his involvement is up in the air.

The group has a check-in call, and Len asks about the location. Peter Farrelly brings up the idea of shooting in Georgia, with its tax rebate and plentiful locations. When Effie explains the cast is in L.A., Peter reasons that it shouldn’t be hard to find a mansion, upsetting Effie.

Marc and Effie debrief. There are too many cooks in the kitchen, she vents. Marc affirms that Peter is right -- it shouldn’t be hard to find place, but Jason’s unrealistic expectations are making it impossible.

Peter Farrelly calls Jason to discuss the issue of film versus digital. Peter admits he had his own reservations giving up film, but ultimately realized he couldn’t tell the difference. Jason does not tell Effie about his conversation with Peter, so when Peter calls Effie to brief her on their upcoming meeting, she is furious, believing Peter overstepped his bounds. Marc tries to mediate, but the call ends on a tense note. Later, Marc calls Peter to neutralize the situation, but Peter quits the project. Marc is left wondering how to deliver the news to Matt and Ben.